• Love this album

    By Jump off jb
    This is definitely a fantastic album loving it!!
  • No.

    By Snoop Hogg
    Retire already.
  • Great Southern Trend Kill

    By MichiganJack
    For me this album reminds me a lot of GSTK - Brutally hard and up front. Inspiring and motivating. No apologies. If KSE did a album with Jesse and Howard would make series dollars! Just imagime a Killswitch Engage S&M style record with both Jesse & Howard.
  • Disappointed

    By RyanD08
    I had high expectations for this album coming out but this one, and the last two, did not grab my attention. Yes there are couple songs from each one that are good songs, but the albums overall just didn’t cut it. I’ve been a Killswitch Engage fan for a long time but honestly, once Howard left, their music is not as good as it once was. As a fan though, I will still listen and have high expectations for future albums to come.
  • Don’t hate

    By dalprin
    This is legit, old school, Killswitch. This band is defined by their hooks. And those have been leaking in the past few releases. They went back to their roots and made an album for the ages. This is some of their best work. Hands down. Can’t argue that. Thank you.
  • A+

    By gawkgawk
    Love the new album! Have about 50+ listens already!
  • Awesome!

    By Jstevenearman
    I effin love you guys. Bringing Howard in three it over the top. I just bought yet another album from y’all. 👍🇺🇸👍
  • Howard Jones

    By E-Man21
    I agree this album is a little weak as far as KSE is concerned. All the songs sound rushed. The only exception, in my opinion, is Howard Jones. He seemed to bring the spark back. Other than that, it could be better. 🤘🏽
  • Oh my [email protected]&ing g-d!!!

    By ....!???!
    Amazing album. Killswitch keeps dishing it out with solid releases. Jesse and Howard together is just unreal.
  • Very impressed... We see The Signal Fire

    By ConversingChuckTaylor
    Great job KSE, you succeeded yet again!

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