• Music is dead

    By Tito68785
    This was pathetic. Pop pandering. No life or soul.
  • Great!

    By Hotdog_puffs
    Loved the features! Something different!
  • Old ed was better

    By Gehegegv
    This music is too technic and it sound weir coming form ed. He should start making music with his guitar.
  • Not the best he needs a break.

    By GinaFromTX
    Sorry Ed , just nothing here , just mmmmm not you period.
  • Being an artist is to explore and to create new things

    By Xxbhsjabagakzb
    I love the fact that Ed does whatever it take to create his music as he wishes. No matter what the reactions would be but I am really proud of him and accept his talents.
  • Beautiful

    By games awful
    People need to accept change, stop being ignorant and listen to a beautiful unique Album by the great Ed Sheeran
  • Trash as usuall

    By Macdaddy1622
    Wanting the whole industry on ur album for clout.. smh
  • <3

    By Oreo eve
    This album I felt did a good fusion of mixing Ed's collaborators music style with his own. For those saying, its not him or whatever, I think that's the beauty of this album. It's supposed to be different and each song encompasses a little of each guest artist who joined him in this project. Although there are some songs I personally like more than others, I think this was a good album with fun and great collaborations. I'm glad he decided to go out of his comfort zone with some of the songs and make something magical with fellow artists
  • Love

    By iwannajudge
    The haters are clueless. This man is a prodigy, born to make music like no other. This album proves it. I can’t even imagine the work he put into this. Well done Ed. I am in my late 40’s and haven’t heard an album this good since ... Thriller? Kudos ❤️🙏🏼
  • wow this is so gud...

    By Lolkitysingsfollow1375
    i like

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