• Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-04-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 7

  • ℗ 2019 Bighit Entertainment



  • Soul-Warming

    By Lily Ranthoa
    This album has really a really good flow from start to finish. The first track brings us in with a strong kick of BTS reclaiming their art and their narrative. Boy With Luv presents that first sweet note to the album, tying in with the previous series Love Yourself, and the current theme: loving oneself and finding a way to channel that love towards relationships with other is the strongest power. Mikrokosmos brings a sense of peace and unity. Make It Right, which started from the hands of the one and only Ed Sheeran exemplifies BTS's extraordinary ability to perform a diverse range of genres in music - and they are actually able to pull off every style they choose to do so. The track Home is a catchy, feel-good message to the fans that whereever BTS goes, they can find comfort and a home in the people who love them. Again, it is a different style than the previous songs, but it somehow doesn't disrupt the flow of the album. The EP is put together in such a cohesive way that any twist and turn BTS makes, it just makes sense. The next track is a slow ballad, Jamais Vu, and brings that melancholy tune that comes with every finding-oneself and brings up images of that moment where someone who is struggling wants a change and wants to improve. The final track is a real suprise. Dionysus, like the Greek god, is full of life of energy. Each move made with this album is synonomous to finding the map of the soul... to discovering oneself. All in all, I was pleasantly surpised with each track, but was even more impressed by the depth each track presented. I hope you give it a chance too!
  • Girl with luv

    By Lulasunnylee
    A beautiful album dedicated to their fans.
  • Killer !

    By NanlovesTW
    Everything about this is freaking AMAZING 😩💞😩💞😩💞😩
  • whats not to love?

    By jbrocks16
    the album is amazing, i love how they are not afraid to take risks and experiment with their sound. No song sounds the same. can't stop listening to it! recommend 10000% dont let the language barrier stop you, look for lyrics translation. This guys musical abilites are out of this world, if you leave prejiduces aside and open your mind a little, you will realize why they get so much, well desrved, hype!
  • Chef’s kiss

    By JungooJK
    BTS didn’t have to go this hard! I have it on repeat they did a superb job!!
  • love the mix of genres

    By Bangtans4head
    this band is the first band that really opened me to the world of Kpop and honestly I keep coming back to them because of their variety. Just this one album starts of with a classic hip hop style, then a catchy pop tune, then some house ballad mixes. and the last song is a great mix of rock and hip hop. This album has so much to offer and I will reccomend it to anyone!
  • Best album of 2019

    Every song is a different tune a different story and thats what makes BTS so special. The fact that they can always reach out to fans and show them that its okay to be sad to be happy. Home is definitely the song for me
  • Love it!!!

    By KitKat10472848103
    Absolutely amazing. BTS just keep getting better and better with everything they release and this album definitely followed through. Every song is perfect!! Definitely worth checking out for those who’ve never listened to BTS before.💜💜💜
  • 💜

    By Asktoembla
  • Masterpiece.

    By asmaaa527
    It’s BTS. Period.