• Um

    By Tcu guy
    What part of this is country again?
  • Hmm

    By texas n8
    What in the *NSYNC Backstreet Boys stuff is this?
  • Straight to the CENTER point road

    By Country_Girl23
    I love this album!
  • Best

    By yousaywhaaaaat;):-/
    Best album yet
  • Garbage

    By Woods3224
    Tired of his pop music - change genres please!
  • 💕

    By Nicole Lovings
    Does it really matter what genre it is like seriously y’all calm down he can sing whatever he wants it’s his songs not yours and he can sing about his wife all he wants🙄 It’s great music with it being country or not
  • I love this, play it every day on my echo dot

    By tvfghhgcdj
    This is the best album in history. Your an amazing artist, I love playing this on my echo dot! Everyone deserves to be rewarded with your music. I’m a huge fan!
  • Country?

    By Sanderson1981
    Can we just place this album as pop. There is nothing on here that says country. I HATE turning on the radio and listen to these “country” artists claim their music belongs in country. This is so bad!!! NOT COUNTRY!!! Nashville should be ashamed.
  • Great songs but terrible pre order

    By Daisly2000
    I preordered this entire album and and only got 4 of the songs. I want the rest of the album but i have to pay for it again:( But i love the songs!

    By TheBigYam
    I was swimming in the sewer one day and found this trash record at the bottom of the sewer with all of the other trash. A few rats were chewing on the cd and quickly died, however, this record works greatly as human repellent as nobody would want to be near this.

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