• Amazing

    By Sharknadoboi
    If you think this is bad you have an ear deficiency
  • Bad

    By eeeeaq
  • TeddyBear Tanker

    By Mrs Bearcat
    I grew up listening to him back in the 70’s I now have grandchildren who listen to him!
  • 😃😁😆

    By The Duolingo Bird
    If u say this is bad I hope u go blind 😂🤣
  • Love love this album!!

    By bmccracken
    Absolutely love Elton!! So many of this songs have been part of my life. I’m a little sad though that I didn’t buy the Deluxe album...😞
  • Never ordinary

    By Faithful Blue
    This collection is closest to Elton’s original 1974 greatest hits album that sold 25 million copies. There is no filler here like some other compilations. If you’re a new Elton fan and want a good introduction as to why he dominated the charts in the 1970’s or an old fan wanting a trip down memory lane this is the album you want. Elton, perhaps more than his contemporaries, was always a great singles artist. Listening to this collection will remind you of what it was like as a kid in the seventies listening to AM top 40 waiting for an EJ song. These songs are more than nostalgic though. They have held up with the passing of time. They are classic pop tunes that will sound good for generations to come.
  • Awesome

    By RayRickey
    Brings back good memories
  • Fantastic

    By Lien Lopez
    Anybody who gives this a 1 star is either stupid or isn’t a TRUE music fan.
  • Puts all the best songs together

    By MegaMoji
    It’s just great Mk
  • Perfect Compilation!

    By amyzduoos
    All the best ones you will love and remember fondly...such a fun album :)

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