• Can make even the Beebs sound decent.

    By AmmariSky
    This review is based on just the song I Don't Care. I cannot stand Beiber because he's just a nasty human being, but Ed Sheeran, is as always, good. He makes the man-child sound good for once.
  • Listen I love Ed...

    By Kgm3455
    but he’s definitely gone down hill since he went full on pop with Divide. Ed can write an excellent pop song, but it just doesnt work with his voice or his persona. It’s a little cringey at times. I Don’t Care is not a bad song, but it was disappointing because it lacks both Ed’s expert lyricism and Bieber’s charm. Cross Me isn’t bad either, it just doesnt make sense with who Ed is as a person or as an artist. And let’s be real, no one would actually be scared of “crossing” Ed Sheeran. What’s the worst that nice little man’s gonna do? Write a hit song about you?
  • Love

    By i.opri
    Can’t wait!!
  • Y’all are

    By ☹️😒😞🙁☹️😕🙁😞☹️
  • No more haters

    By Motorhog603
    Go away haters 'cause "Cross Me" is straight 🔥
  • Wht

    By 0044565
    What’s the matter with all these reviews?? Chill you guys are just straight up bullying the guy. If you don’t like the music and take your attitude somewhere else! Not all of the songs have even come out but the two that did are really catchy! Great job Ed 👍
  • Was excited until pop

    By Dirtbike88
    Ed your beyond talented, don’t go the trash pop rap route, skipping this awful album yuck! What a disappointment
  • Bad lead single

    By J-Dawg45
    The Ed and Justin Bieber collaboration was awful. The album cannot be saved at this point.
  • I’ll pass... again.

    By itshailey_bro
    Same boring beats and story lines. Ever since divide, he’s gone downhill. Just sounds trashy, like he’s trying to hard to be cool.
  • No

    By Beyoncé and 572727
    Just no

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