• Amazing

    By nick72726
    A talented queen
  • Sycophants are trying too hard

    By Fgsejjn
    The most overrated album. Stop trying to make her look good. She shouldn’t even be in the entertainment business. She’s also a liar and greedy, arrogant person.
  • This is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

    By addyROCK
    T Swift is the best I love her new album it is AWSOME!!!

    By swiftiestaysswiftie
    Taylor is crushing it again! I love ya! One of her best albums EVER! 💗💗💗
  • her best album!

    By heehee hoohoo
    imagine giving this one star, couldn’t be me
  • Bad

    By theresnonamesavailbale
    Awful, listen to TOOL you imbeciles
  • Best album of all time

    By hbvdsssd
    Best album of all time and my life 😭💛
  • 💙💜💚💛

    By Crystal Avril
    i got one word to describe this album: masterpiece
  • Yea, there’s no “deep, emotional” songs but still a great album!

    By Sara J L
    You know what, I almost rated this 4 stars. But no. This is a 5 star album. Every song you want to listen to. It’s just a happy, fun album. People are taking it way too far with their criticism’s. I’m not political at all but you can still appreciate the songs. It’s still good and it’s not like the entire album is political 🙄 You need to calm down 😂 I will explain my initial instinct to rate it 4 stars. There isn’t really any “deep” emotional song which is what I always love from Taylor. She is a lyrical master. But you know what, this is the album and this is where she is in her life and it’s ok! The lyrics, the songs, they’re all still Taylor and they’re all still great! People are saying some things about her needing to grow up. There is plenty of singers and songs that are VERY grown so just take these songs for what they are and listen to your “grown” stuff too. It’s refreshing and it’s about love and happiness and I love the song The Man. Probably a tie for my favorite with Cornelia Street right now. I’m just so confused that people don’t know her kind of style and music by now and are “surprised”. Like, what? This album is so Taylor!! And I still love it without the deeper meaning songs! So no, I’m not gonna knock a star off for something as silly as that when there is more coming our way from her. Just not now. And I’m ok with that because she still produced a great album!! So thank you, Taylor.
  • A return to form

    By G.O.B.L.I.N
    While a little long and overstuffed with a few songs that don’t need to be on this record, Lover is a return to form for a Taylor who we Last saw as very worn down and cynical after critical attacks. An album that boasts much happier sounds and incredible imagery, Lover is a triumphant album that conveys the overall theme of where Taylor is now in here life: she’d rather be defined by the things she loves rather than what she hates or fears.

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