ERYS (Deluxe) by Jaden

ERYS (Deluxe)


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2019-07-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 20

  • ℗ 2019 MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records, LLC



  • Lit

    By Zaza836
  • Yo

    By DJ Punk 1
    I’m a big fan and hope to meet u someday, keep it up!
  • Syre & Erys - Masterpieces

    By William BK
    Anyone hating on this album probably listening to Maroon 5 and Josh Groban. Jaden has created two beautiful masterpieces in Syre & Erys. Both albums are told from different perspectives - filled with metaphors and analogies that leave you wanting to hear more. Despite his age, I consider him a true pioneer of production. Filled with distinct sounds, unique interfaces and creative vibes that effortlessly flow from track to track, ERYS is an album that is second to none in my opinion. Yes he comes from a family that is already famous and wealthy but I believe that creating a platform to speak your voice/mind is even harder when you come from a background like that. There is a reason why ASAP rocky and Tyler, the creator (two extraordinarily creative artists) have collaborated/featured on this album, and it is obvious they respect the sound and tracks that Jaden has created. Im addition to that, opening for Tyler, the creator - (an independent artist with a seemingly ‘cult following’) is also extremely impressive. Keep in mind that he has done all of this before the age of 21. I respect this album and the creativity. Both of Jaden’s past two albums have inspired me in my personal life to be more creative and push the boundaries of the day to day ‘norm’. I cannot wait for his next album. Until then, both SYRE & ERYS will be on repeat. Anyone who gives this album less than 5 stars is probably an avid Country fan.

    By Zip2music
    jaden is innovating in the music industry, his music isn’t just your generic hit it’s a performance it’s art, between his use of untraditional sounds and instruments and touching on real world problems that speak truth to power, my new favorite. This guy isn’t gonna stop.
  • HispanicChica

    By 27monkey
    I think his other album was way better SYRE But I like at least 6 songs on here so I say it’s was not that bad. Regardless Jaden has talent and is a very smart intelligent kid.
  • Y'all petty asf

    By duppyboi
    Everything Bumps✅ Great Concept✅ Solid Features✅ Amazing Production✅ Solid Execution✅ ...what more do u ppl want in an album. Overhated and underrated to a "T".
  • Cool

    By Kiran)36271$1
  • Trash

    By yhe obs
    Just be your self and quit trying to be something your not and maybe just maybe you’ll start making good music
  • In West Philadelphia...

    By Jadryfrfgvv
    He’s bigger than me, taller than me, and he’s older than me, stronger than me, and his arms are a little bit longer than me but he ain’t on a trash album like me
  • Ughh

    By Vinegar2001
    Stop copying Travis Scott

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