• WOW

    By Sheepez Master
    I’m writing this review on only a couple songs, but wow they’re amazing. I love “This Is Me” so much and I even sang it in a program. I also love “Rewrite the Stars”. The tunes of the voices are beautiful and the music fits sooo well. The singers voices almost sound like they’re putting real, true emotions into them. I
  • Yesssssss

    By Ninjago Jaya shipper 22
    This is my fave movie,and I’m in the performance arts and it was so encouraging, and the music is my fave part!
  • I LOVE IT!❤️

    By kathy rich
    I know this is late but the songs were amazing! They were so high, but that’s a good thing! I’m doing acting camp with all the songs and I love it! People say the songs are too high and mixed, but guess what... THEY HAVE NO SENSE IN SONGS! I’m defending what I think, but I love it! The movie is extraordinarily awesome! I hope there’s another!

    By ITG85
    Why is the same annoying person using multiple names to constantly say ‘REMASTER’ and PERCUSSION’?! 😂 As if all of these complaints know it’s the ‘PERCUSSION’. 😂😂😂🤪😂😂😂
  • Best film and songs

    By Didine71bievres
    I loved the film! And the songs are just amazing! I love them! I really recommenced them!
  • Percussion

    By Forest LeafyHollow
    This soundtrack is awesome I love listening to it. So I’ve been reading the reviews about how the percussion is too loud and overpowers the song but as a percussionist I’ve been thought to play at my LOUDEST soo I don’t really have a problem with the sound.
  • 💚

    By La'Porsha is amazing
  • Good songs

    By wildgamer6557
    The songs from the movie are great!
  • Ehhhhh

    By EclipseSunandMoon
    I like the songs but the beat still is too loud in all of the songs. They really need to work on that. Other than that, the lyrics are amazing!! Especially on “This is Me” and “Rewrite the Stars!”
  • i'm not so sure

    By ethan2 47
    i love the song other side but the other songs i'm not so sure