• One of the most underrated artists

    By TheNixonClone
    One of the best Albums I have ever purchased. Watsky evolves with each album he puts out and gets better every time. This album is a work of art hands down.
  • Great.

    By ThatGuyThatDidAThing
    First off, lemme say I’m that guy that doesn’t enjoy bad language. A bit of an oddity, but oh well. Either way, I’ve heard a little bit of his music and it’s lit.
  • I like rap now

    By samjack101
    I always thought rap was just a bunch of idiots who couldn’t sing repeated the same line that rhymed over and over for 3 minutes. Turns out I was listening to the wrong rappers. I found Watsky through the song he did on The Hamilton Mixtape and I’m glad I did. His songs are thought provoking and also great to work out to. My favorites on this album are: Conversations, Knots, Stick to your Guns, and Talking to Myself. Hope he comes out with new stuff soon!
  • Perfection

    By Ocie2
    Watsky's a genius with lyrics and his songs are always sure to entertain
  • Watsky is a genius

    By Dylonswagappreviewer
    Need I say more? Listen to the album you will understand
  • Pure genius

    By aefaucon
    I've been with George since pretty much the beginning, he never disappoints with his songs and more people should discover him because he is absolutely, positively amazing. Can't wait for the next album!
  • What a God

    By Vincilio
    Just discovered Watsky and am in love. His masterful pieces entail heart and soul and emotion on the world we live in that have never been spoken before. Beautiful
  • Holy

    By AJ is me
  • Best. Album. Ever.

    By Bobbybobertybobson
    Heard 'Tiny Glowing Screens' and 'Talking to Myself' on YouTube, and those were all I needed to hear to like this album. It's amazing
  • Excellent Album. Buy it.

    By Vbhioihbb
    This album is terrific. It has many layers and deserves way more recognition than it currently has. Watsky has created something special with this album and I hope he continues to make more music. But if he decides to smell the roses, I'll respect his decision. :)